Two more shifts…
Two more shifts…
That’s what I keep telling myself…
Why is it always so difficult when you see the end is in sight?
Of course I’m not just telling this to myself to give me the motivation I need but also to remind myself that next week it all changes…
Back in the classroom I’ll be…
The strange thing is that after being away for over a year now it kind of freaks me out thinking about back in the classroom even though as a substitute it was so second nature.
I get to go meet with my mentor teacher tomorrow and I’m pretty excited about that.
I visited his website and exchanged some emails with him and I am confident this is going to be an awesome experience!
But of the course the next big step comes in finding that real job!
My search is open nationwide.
So tell me why I should come to your state and teach and I’ll see what I can do about it…


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