Gettin’ My Jamestown On

Truth…I’m not really a hot shot when it comes to Early American History…I’m a European girl…well it just so happens is that right now Europe means nothing and Early American is everything…Tomorrow its Jamestown. Um Jamestown? I’ve got nothing so currently I’m watching a PBS special on it and reading some notes.

Tonight Jessica and I went to spin and it was BRUTAL! Lately we’ve been doing a lot of swimming just because the outdoor pool is only open a little while longer and we love it so. So after being absent from the class we decided to make our return just in time to take from the hardest instructor and then since I was running late I didn’t even get a towel. I was a nasty nasty hot mess! But I got back in and I guess that’s the most important.

My goodness fall is really just around the corner! By the end of this week we should only be in the high 90’s…hopefully the 100’s are behind us.

Last night I had a terrible terrible dream…and then when I woke up I was so sad. I blame it all on this book One know the book that’s now a movie…for some reason I read the book and it was a very bad idea for several reasons…i would advice you to just see the movie if you must or just skip it all together.

Guess you got a fancy badge today??? Me that’s who! I’m just so happy they will stop making me a visitor badge with quite possibly the worst picture of me ever on it.


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