Still a European Girl @ Heart

So I’ve been doing this whole student teacher thing now for almost a week. To be honest I haven’t really done much at all. Today I took attendance, entered grades and gave a quiz…it was a really nice change. So anyways the class is American History: Beginnings to Reconstruction. Basically its a time and a subject I know very little about in the scheme of history I’ve actually studied. Slowly I’m starting to really get into it…I’ve already developed a bit of a crush on Thomas Jefferson much the same as I have with Vaclav Havel. But time after I time while listening to my mentors teachers lectures on the subject my mind switches to Europe. “Gee I wonder what Italy is doing at this time? How did they totally miss the mark on exploration? I guess that pretty much after the Renaissance they start to take a back seat in world dominance.” OR “Yeah I guess its ok if you us “British” and “English” interchangeable at this time but at some point there becomes a definite difference…When is that difference?” OR “Is this the same time as the Reformation?” I actually have a page full of questions I need to look and find answers to course none of them really are about America or the Colonies mostly Europe. Europe…Europe…Europe…despite everything I always go back to Europe…

However I am pretty excited to expand my historical trivia to a whole different period and area…I’ll be unstoppable!


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