Bowline Knot

-Tomorrow is my first teaching evaluation…ahhhhhhhh….no really I think I’ll be ok…just ready to get the first one over and done with…13 Colonies here we come…plus as an added bonus we are learning how to tie a bowline knot…

– Speaking of student teaching I am so happy I was placed in 8th grade…I’m liking it more and more.

– Here’s a little conversation I had with my 6 yr old friend this weekend…
6 yr old- “Am I the most important person in your life?”
Me- “Of course you are!”
6 yr old- “Oh good because you are the most important person in my life.”
Gosh I love that kid!

– Ok so my Friday Night Lights addiction has gotten out of control. Its basically all I think about. So please please don’t try to tell me there isn’t a town called Dillon, TX and that there isn’t a Coach Taylor or Matt or Smash, or Jason or Tim or Landon because I simply won’t believe it. You think I could go teach at Dillon High?

– So I heard that in some parts of the country fall is fast approaching, TX does not seem to be one of those places. If the hot TX son does what they say it will do tomorrow then this summer will go down as the hottest EVER…maybe that’s why I’m so ready for fall…and lets be honest not even fall just temps in the 80’s.

– I like when I can relate real life to the movie the Cutting Edge…ok well actually I don’t do that much but Kait has been in search of a new private lesson coach…kind of like in Cutting Edge…

– What would you think about me showing the Sarah Palin/Paul Revere clip when we get to the Revolution?


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