First Evaluation

If you were thinking this blog might be turning into a place where all I do is talk about how much I love Friday Night Lights then you’re probably right…Oh Tim Riggins…poor Tim…his story just breaks me heart…And if you think I that maybe I’m searching for a a town like Dillion to move to then you’d be right. But anyways I’ve got other things to talk about.

Today was my first teaching evaluation. Holy Night so happy I got that out of the way! Honestly it wasn’t bad other than the fact that my evaluated got the times mixed up and missed the 1st part of my lesson. I’m just glad was able to fit another one of classes into her schedule today and so that I didn’t have to plan a whole other lesson for tomorrow. Funny that I had my 4th period all prepped for her visit but I hadn’t even mentioned to my 6th period but they were champs and it all worked out. So over all it went great we even did a fun rope tying activity but my it was a little bit more challenging then I had expected. Which was good it definitely was a learning experience, a good learning experience. The thing is I want to be a really good teacher so I really like this learning period. I’m not usually a fan of not getting it right but in this sense I figure its best to learn from my mistakes. There is still so much I don’t know but eventually I start to get it. Its like Nordies when I started I had no idea how to sell dresses or how to look at some one figure there size and best dress style but by the time I left it was second nature. Eventually this whole teaching thing will come as second nature too.


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