Team Teaching and Such…

I’ve been doing this student teaching thing now for 3 weeks but this was the first week that i really started teaching. Tuesday I planned the entire lesson by myself and taught it. The next couple of days was team teaching meaning my mentor teacher taught the first 2 classes and i taught the last 3. It was so exciting. Of course the first one always really is a tester. My poor 5th period got the strangest explanation ever about mercantilism thankfully my explanation got better the next two classes. Its funny because at first I thought ok I’ll just watch my mentor teacher and mimic everything he does but for some reason its a lot harder than that. Its one thing to know something another thing to be able to teach it. Its all about questions, I’m trying to use them more and more for assessment.

In other student teaching news…so as I was driving out of the school the other day one of my students was standing by the front of the school so i waved to him. Yesterday he says to my mentor teacher, “I saw Ms. Rabatin driving yesterday, yeah she was driving a blue Nissan Sentra 2.0”. My mentor teacher and I “Um thats a little creepy, please don’t tell us you memorized the licence plate number.” He replies “actually I did…” then he spouts out my licence plate number…totally creepy.


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