And its Tuesday…

So that whole working over the weekend has already made for a really long week. Thank goodness tomorrow is Wed and that for the next 2 days the students will be working on a project. I just plan on relaxing this weekend…and I should because its my BIRTHDAY!

Right now I’m watching The Last of the Mochians. Its this whole US history thing, I’ve really gotten into it all. Its funny because my mentor teacher is all about US history and although I’m really interested in parts I think there is no doubt that Europe is really what I love. I can feel myself getting more and more into it. We’re starting causes of the Revolutionary War next week and I am soooo excited!!!

Speaking of history, sometimes I can tell I really am a history dork. Today we watched a little movie about New Jersey and I got all excited about learning about the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Maybe its because its at the turn of the century that idea of leisure time really starts to develop esp in the middle class. Oh I love it! Devil in the White City style.

So a couple of years ago I signed up for every free thing you can get for your birthday. Every time I check my email theres something else…I love birthdays!


One thought on “And its Tuesday…

  1. Crystal Terry says:

    Happy birthday girlfriend! I hope you find a really hot guy to make out with! Hahaha, anyway, I agree on the free things for the bday! I totally hit that up every year, free meals, heck yes! Um…we still need to get together and eat yum food and catch up..I’m so bad at doing that with old friends and I really need to get better! Love ya girl!

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