One Day I Will Learn

Here’s the thing about me…I have no self discipline…none at all. Which means everyday after I come home from school I take a nap. Today I took a 2 hr nap. What was I thinking? Cause see when you take a 2 hr nap it makes it really hard to fall asleep when you need to. But anyways that’s the situation.

Tomorrow we start to kick off the birthday festivities! KARAOKE! I really like to karaoke! Then maybe sushi on Saturday and then a lovely birthday dinner on Sunday.

I told myself I wasn’t going to watch Grey’s this yr and here I sit watching it. Really the show is ridiculous.

I just found out I’m teaching relief society this Sunday…the lesson is on marriage…I’m going to try really hard not to insult anyone and tell them they aren’t getting married. Surprising that even needs to be a goal of mine.


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