…Dave Matthews playing in the background
…chillin’ at the library
…workin’ on homework
…doin’ my best to procrastinate

there is really so little that has changed over the last 7 years that sometimes it makes me laugh.

Today I was talking with my mentor teacher about upcoming weekend plans. We’re the same age, graduated high school the same year but he’s married and I’m single so therefore our lives are very different. He asked me if most of my friends were single and for the most part they are. You know its just something that naturally happens, you are friends with people like you. Married people have married friends and single people have single friends and interaction between the two groups is limited especially when you throw kids into the mix. He was saying he wanted to go out last night to the bating cages after 9 but that most of his friends were already done for the night…its that whole married thing. I just kind of laughed because thats not the case at all with my friends or social scene. So we’re the same age but yet living completely different lives. There’s a great part of me that is thankful for my single status, there’s really just a lot you can get away with as a single person that you can’t as a married person. I’m sure they each have their perks and downfalls but I just thought it was interesting.


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