That’s Kind of an Interesting Story

So the other day I was talk to my mentor teacher and he asked me if I had always wanted to be a teacher? I always get a little laugh at that question. It might be true that at the present there is no job I would rather have, I’m so excited about my career as a teacher but obviously if I had always really wanted to be one then I would have done it like 3 degrees ago, sure would have saved me a lot of money. Of course a response like this always then beckons the follow up question with well then what had you originally wanted to do. Which again makes me laugh because I can’t for the life of me figure out or remember what exactly my original plan had been. I guess to go to grad school and well I did that. I suppose I’m a take life one step at a time kind of person. Really I thought everyone was like that, I’ve since learned otherwise.

But the reason I thought that conversation was really interesting was because there was an exact day that I decided I wanted to become a teacher. I had picked up a sub job at a middle school which was kind of unusual for me, I usually just did high school. But there was a middle school job and it was social studies so I figured why not. The teacher hadn’t really left any plans, just a class set of scholastic kids and asked for me to have them read out of it and maybe come up with a little assignment. As luck would have it there was an article on Greg Mortenson and Three Cups of Tea so I had the students read the article and write a little paper comparing the type of school they attended and those that the children in the book attended. It was an awesome day and as soon as I was done for the day I was sold, I had subbed 100’s of days but for some reason that day just changed it all.

That was the only day in my whole sub career that I ever worked at that school. So you could imagine my surprise when out of all the 8-12 schools in Keller ISD that I was placed right back in that exact middle school for my student teaching. I really don’t think its my chance at all that I am there. So funny how things work out sometimes…in fact i think its down right amazing!


One thought on “That’s Kind of an Interesting Story

  1. caroline says:

    Awww mags I am so happy for you:) I love how life works out the way it is supposed to:)

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