342 Chest of Tea Destroyed in the Boston Tea Party

* Evaluation #2 Completed! Ok so it didn’t quite go as planned. Last time my supervisor was an hour late this time she was an hour early. That meant I didn’t get a chance to have a practice run and since 3rd period was at a different place than the class I had thought I would be evaluated in I was freaking out a little bit.Its that same mentality that the first pancake never turns out well the same is true with teaching the first class is just a shot in the dark then you learn from there and adjust as you need to. But I did alright still on track for under classroom domination so I’m happy.

* Speaking of teaching I decided I’m totally going to be one of those nerdy history teacher who wear really dorky history themed shirts. Oh man I can’t wait!

* Sometimes I wonder what in the heck I’m going to do once student teaching is over…

* I’m not sure if you’d hear but the Texas Rangers are ROCKING it. To be honest I don’t care much but everyone around me seems to so I hear a lot about it. Here’s the thing I wonder, is the team manager the coach? And if he is when why do they call him the manager and not the coach?

* I can’t wait for my new phone to get here…in just a couple of days Caroline and I will be able to talk for hours on end without worrying about how many minutes she is using!

* It will be a very very very sad day when I get to the end of Friday Night Lights. For real what am I going to do then?

* Gosh sometimes I just sit there starting at my phone hoping for that little green button to flash. How sad is that?


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