Gratis and Such…

So basically I was over the moon when I got a free ticket to the state fair from school…saved me a whole $15…If that had been the only gratis I ever received it would have been enough for me. Well guess what??? Guess who gets to help chaperon the 8th trip to DC in June???? ME! How cool is that? This is quite possibly turning out to the coolest student teaching gig anyone has ever had! Last summer when I was in DC there were hundreds of 8th graders all over the city and this year I get to be a part of that. Oh and we get to go to Mount Vernon and Gettysburg and that history nerd in me is jumping up and down with excitement!

In other related student teacher news it is so refreshing to the be person giving a test as a opposed to taking it. Seriously I feel like I have been taking test for far to long in my life and I HATE tests so even though I feel their pain I am so glad its not me going through it. Its also really refreshing knowing all the answers…


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