Still a Student…

Sometimes I forget that for all intent and purpose I am still a college student. I know its kind fo strange…its been this decade long thing. As a student teacher people are always asking where I go to school and again its really strange to say I got to UNT. I really have no connection to the school but it’s where I go.

I’m actually on campus right now waiting for some training to start. I have this distinct feeling it is going to be long and terribly boring.

Can I just say how ridiculous some of the college kids look. Like seriously I know you’re in college and you’re discovering new things and you’re all free thinking but you look RIDICULOUS! Oh to be 20 yr old again.

Since I have to be at UNT I didn’t go to school. Oh man I’m really going to hate when student teaching is over. I love all the people I get to work with and the kids are awesome, it will suck leaving all that.

As a treat for me getting my big assignment done and sitting through this really neat training I’m going to take myself to DQ! At least Denton is good for one thing.


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