Homecoming…The Texas Edition

So here in Texas we do something really special for high school homecoming. Instead of having a dance, boys ask girls to the homecoming football game and they exchange mums and garters. I know its different but its really kind of cool. Now I really don’t care at all about my old high school, I skipped out on the reunion and everything but I do loving returning for the homecoming football game. This year I took a group of non-Texans to introduce them to the tradition and I think they really loved it after they got over the initial shock of it all. I’ll admit some people have taken the mum thing to a crazy extreme and really tacky level and I’m not a fan of those but I still really like the classy ones (I mean what’s not classy about a fake flower, ribbon, bells and other trinkets).

Kait and her tennis buddies

Kait and her "date"

Best Friends since kindergarten

The Gang


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