Its 12:26 AM…

Which means I should really be in bed because in just a short little while I’ll be teaching some lovely 8th graders about the final battle of the Revolutionary War..ahhh but all I’ve wanted to do all week is blog.

I’m worried though if I was to do a real blog tonight I might want to delete it tomorrow morning…so this will just be short and sweet.

So yesterday morning I went to my first ever body pump class and it was intense. I thought i was sore yesterday…then i woke up this morning and that was a whole new level of sore. But it was a good sore.

I thought Relief Society today…I not really sure if i made any sense. See thats thing…usually my first go at a lesson isn’t great, it gets better as I go on but with RS you’ve only got one go…those poor sisters.

I’ve been missing Europe something bad lately…like about to break down and buy a ticket bad…I’ll let you know how all of that pans out.

Watched my first Ultimate Fighting match..I was all excited to see the craziness blood and all…well the fight started, I looked down at my phone and in that second it ended and the fight was over…kind of disappointing.

WHY oh WHY am I even wasting my time? You know when you can see a whole situation play out and you know it won’t play out well then why would you even mess with it?

Back to Europe…like I said I really miss it…I would pretty much do anything to be back in Krakow or Prague.

Sometimes I worry that some of my happiness memories have been when I was all alone…what does that say about me?


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