Thank you…

-thank you UNT for splitting up my big huge project into two due dates…last month I was annoyed I couldn’t just turn the whole thing in all at once but now I think your whole plan was brilliant…I would really be hating life right now if the first part wasn’t already done!

-thank you mom for telling kaitlin that she should “walk on stage with swagger”…seriously where does she learn these things?

-thank you to all those who have ever been my voice of reason or have talked be down when i’ve worked myself all up…

-thank you florence (as in + the machine) your voice makes me happy…

– thank you pinterest and all your creative ideas…

– thank you Glenn the spin instructor for taking me to new heights…

– thank you hazelnut hot chocolate…i’m not sure i ever want to go back to the time in my life that hazelnut wasn’t involved.


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