Sarah’s Key

All right I am going to need each and everyone of you to run out and rent Sarah’s Key…
How did I miss this movie?
I remember seeing the book but never the movie.
And once you watch it we are going to have a great discussion about it all…and not so much about the actual story but about some of the being themes in the movie…
ie not judging the past through our eyes today…about placing ourselves in the past to understand it and then to learn from it..
I’ve had several goosebumps experiences just in my several weeks of teaching..
Alright so you’ve probably heard about the Boston Tea Party since you were in elementary I know I had but I am not sure that I had ever really thought about the significance of it…I had never imagined what would have been like to watch as the rebels threw overboard 342 chests of tea…we are talking about one of the greatest acts of rebellion in our countries history. THINK ABOUT WHAT THAT NIGHT MUST HAVE BEEN LIKE! I loved asking my students what they would have done if they had been in Boston that night. My one sweet girl said she would had stayed at home because she had a family to care for and would not have wanted to risk punishment…LOVED IT! It is so easy to say oh yeah I would have been there I would have joined in the action but really would you have?

In the movie tonight someone made a remark how could the people of Paris sit by and watch as 1,000’s of Jews were rounded up and shipped off. And that is an ever present thought in my mind. How could the Holocaust happen? How did the world sit by an let it happen. But that’s me looking at things with my modern eyes. And while there is no way to make sense out of it all to better understand you have to think of it not with today’s mind but with a mind of the past.

Ok anyways that’s my spill…go and watch it you won’t regret it…

and here’s my favorite quote from the movie..
“we are all the product of our history…”


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