It is Entirely Too Late

* Tonight I may have gotten a holiday job…see that’s the thing about this little place I once worked..its just so easy to go back…and at the moment I am very happy to have it…its a job not a career but worry not the career is coming…

* After landing said job I had a little panic and applied to all sorts of careers because I am really excited to start this whole career thing.

* I’m teaching tomorrow in RS…it should be interesting…I pray for lots of comments…of course there’s always the nice treat of releasing class early…it shall be my gift to them..

* Next weekend I’m heading down to San Antonio and I am just so excited about it. Really probably more excited than I should be but I love that city, and the riverwalk and the Gunther house and how there is so much to see. Oh yeah and a hotel on the Riverwalk won’t be to shabby either.

* So I never did a Thanksgiving post because that might have required me to do more than just bullet points but trust me there is so much for me to be grateful for…far too often I think I need more in way of material things…more clothes, more shoes, more books, more more more…then I look at my room all full of stuff and realize that there are sooooo many people in the world with far far far less than I…so not to sound too materialistic but I am grateful for all my stuff.

* Speaking of Thanksgiving I’ve decided I’m not a fan of the food…I’m not a big turkey eater and the rest of it is all just too heavy and that’s why next year I want Indian food for Thanksgiving…it just sounds much better! and fyi the really pilgrims didn’t even eat turkey so its not as if i am disgracing their tradition.

* I need it to be Tuesday for 2 reasons…1- Jessical Allred will be back! 2. I need Glenn and spin class in a really bad way.

* Ah I got a new haircut and I LOVE it! It was kind of an impulse cut that turned out to be a GREAT decision!

* This week start my full responsibly of classroom..first thing up the Articles of Confederation. My whole motto is KISS…keep it simple stupid.

* I worry that I’ll never decorate for Holiday’s once its my sole responsibility…dang retail…plus I just think about how everything you put out has to also be put away and that just doesn’t sound like any fun at all. I’ll just go to the stores and look at all their pretty decorations.

* I went Black Friday shopping at WalMart…I literally feared for my life…that place is evil! Oh yeah and all I bought was Bert’s Bees…it was classic!


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