Only Slightly Defeated…

Its only Tuesday and still this week has been a challenge…man if only I could take back the last 2 days then maybe then I could have taught my lessons in a more logical manner. You know this whole time student teaching I’ve never felt any sense of defeat none at all until this week. My goodness yesterday was terrible. And although today was bit better I’m still very frustrated. Maybe just maybe I have no idea what I am talking about and maybe just maybe I’ve led my students astray. Gosh I wish I could take it all back teach it in a different way use different analogies. There’s a part of me that forgets that sometimes this kids just don’t have the life experience to know what I am talking about. It dawned on me today after blank stare after blank stare that maybe they didn’t know the difference between national government and state government. I think things got better once we set that straight. But still Articles of Confederation and Shay’s rebellion were a complete wash. I suppose there has been one great lesson that has come out of this hall is that you can always try better the next time, that you can come back the next day and try to set the record straight. If there is something to be said for that well then I’ve got a lot to say. Master teacher I am not. That I surely know now. A taste of humble pie is a good thing every once in a while. Alright so back to the drawling board I go…I have my last evaluation Friday and I want to rock it…just please disregard that I still have no idea what I’m doing…just that I know I need a balance (as in a balance you used in science class…yeah I really need one of those)!


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