San Antonio

Last Saturday I headed down south for a quick trip to San Antonio.  Really it was just a lot of driving with a little San Antonio but it was worth it.  It turned into a legit vacation we rented a car and booked a suite at the Grand Hyatt right on the Riverwalk.  We took out time getting there and took a detour to the middle of no where to eat the most delicious BBQ at Salt Lick.  I’m still thinking about their BBQ sauce…it rocked my world. The hotel was pretty awesome…it is good to have friends who know how to travel.  I probably could have just stayed in the room the whole time an be perfectly content.  But we headed out and walked around the Riverwalk while it was still light outside.  Oh I really really love the Riverwalk and I really really love San Antonio. I love the little neighborhoods right around the city, I could so live there. We meet with some of our other friends who were in the city as well.  We went with them to dinner but were full to eat anything but chips and salsa.  Next it was back up the hotel so I could take a little nap…hey I was on vacations its totally acceptable to nap at 6pm.  Then it was up to desserts in the club…delicious! Finally it was onto the event we were all waiting for…riverboat + Christmas lights= Magic! Loved it! We ended the night at the Alamo…Texas my Texas!

Sunday it just rained and rained…We lounged around and took our time getting ready for church.  We went to a singles ward and it was the strangest thing…there were like 3 guys to every girl…the odds were amazing. We pull the vacation card and peaced out after sacrament.  Then we had a lovely lunch at Costco…very delicious pizza and topped it all off with sample…brilliant idea.  And just like that we were back on the road.  But the excitement did not end…first there was a stop at the Czech Bakery in West and then a detour to Avalon to look at farm land.  It was a good trip with good company….

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One thought on “San Antonio

  1. Crystal Terry says:

    Girl! It looked fab! I’m so happy you got to go there! I truly love San Antonio as well–I need to go on another trip…

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