All Good Things Must Come to an End

Yesterday was it…it was my last day as a student teacher.  Oh my what a day!  You may not believe me when I said I had the best mentor teacher and the best students but I am not kidding…I had the best.  I felt so loved the whole day! I received cards and little gifts and “I am going to miss you’s”.  My mentor teacher made it a great day, bought me lunch, my classroom starting kit, put together words of wisdom from the teachers at the school and a framed dollar as the first dollar I earned as a teacher.  And right before I walked out the door he gave me to his last words of advice: 1. get a personalized stamp 2. have a backup hard drive you save to once every 2 months and finally buy a clicker for projection screen.  Great words to part with.

I had decided I wanted to so something little for my students but what do you do for 140 students?  I finally decided I wanted to give them each a mechanical pencil. My mom and Kait thought it was pretty lame but come on when you are in 8th grade mechanical pencils are sooo cool.  So I sold it to them told them I was going to just throw out cash but decided what they really needed were pencils but not just any pencil, a mechanical pencil.  Would have thought I threw out cash…it was priceless!

My 7th period class really put on a show for me.  7th period was unique because unlike all my other classes of  30 there were only 19 students in the class so I really felt like I got to know them all.  One of the girl’s had asked me one day if Corn was Wallis’s first name?  As in Cornwallis… It kind of became a little joke in the class and even made it into my parent email one day.  So they threw me a popcorn themed party with a Corn Princess sash and corn bouquet.  And one student made Better than Tom Selleck cookies, our classes favorite. It was a great day to end the day. And then I turned in my key and that was a bit of a oh this sucks…but its ok because…..

I’ll be back at the school in January as a teacher aide!!!! No its not a real teaching gig but it is a step in the right direction and I am so happy to not really be leaving yet! I know I keep saying I was so lucky but truth is luck had nothing to do with it, I have just been extremely blessed.


3 thoughts on “All Good Things Must Come to an End

  1. caroline says:

    Congrats!!! You are going to be a Fabulous teacher!!!! So happy for you:)

  2. […] lucky am I that I got to spend this whole year at Hillwood…seriously! Remember my last day of student teaching?  I never could have guessed how great my whole student teaching gig would have turned out.   […]

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