Just 2 days into the new year and I have already deemed it a GREAT year! I can just feel it in my bones. It dawned on me tonight that a new semester is starting this week and I’m not returning as a student…its almost mind blowing. I know that some great things are going to happen this year namely I’ll be starting my career. Now I know I may not have an official teaching job yet but I feel very good about what lies in the future. I’ve also decided to buff up my resume and add some more teaching certification. See once you’ve officially become a certified teacher all you have to do is test in other areas. Right now I’m certified in 8-12 Social Studies and I want to add 8-12 English and also ESL. I think this will definitely make me more marketable.

So that’s probably the biggest goal of the year…become gainfully employed.

Another goal…find more pleasure in experiences than material things…thank goodness I’m done with Nordies again because that place always makes it hard for me to remember this.

And I’ve got to do something about teaching Relief Society…I’m just not sure what…probably take it more serious and don’t consider dressing up as George Albert Smith even if it would make for one heck of a lesson.

As a little amusing twist I decided to start an incorporate RAW into my diet…don’t worry I’m not going crazy. I’m actually only starting with 2 days a week and I don’t intend of completely switching over but I do think it will be a good little change…bring on the kale!

And last but not least…finish Gossip Girl…hahaha…I just wanted to throw this one in here because I know I’ll be able to accomplish it.


One thought on “2012

  1. Mags, you never cease to amaze me… I need your positive attitude around me. You can always market yourself around here, you know. 🙂 The Johnson’s miss you. Halle would love to say hi sometime too. 😉

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