Friday Friday Friday

I have survived my first week as a Special Ed aide…it’s actually been pretty slow…I’m busy when the kids are testing and that just happens to be next week…I can’t wait to be busy…also I can’t wait to be in a classroom again when that time comes.

So my friend passed along to me some amazing Jamba Juice coupons…I’m talking $1 juices…needless to say I went twice yesterday and once so far today.

Tragic news…when I was driving to Jamba Juice last night I hit an animal…maybe a cat, it was hard to tell it all happened do fast and it was dark. I just hope it was some crazy disease stray and not some little girls pet.

Hot Tub Party tomorrow…can’t wait.

Please note I’ve gone to 2 spin classes this week and 1 bodypump…today I’m really sore.

Last night I was in bed asleep by 10pm…8 hrs of sleep!


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