Rain Check

I took a bit of a rain check on today…or maybe its better to say a mental health day…either way I took a break from life…

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this but I didn’t make it all the way through church…shame on me I know but again remember that I just needed a rain check…

So back home I went I might have taken the longest nap ever…and then I woke up and just laid in bed…and then I decided to just take a nap again..it was a nice break…

Tonight I met up with my Nordies Girls…oh how I miss them…it was such a refreshing night…just what I needed…too often with my LDS friends our topics of conversations revolve around one thing..dating or better yet not dating..ah it just gets so exhausting…same old same old….but tonight there was none of that…and thank goodness for that!

And that’s just what you need sometimes…a rain check to the usual..it has the ability to make it all so much better.


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