*It’s a Jack Johnson pandora station kind of day…Jack’s not only good for beach days but also gloomy overcast ones as well. 

*Next week is Spring Break, I’ll be spending mine house sitting and studying for my special ed certification. 

*I have this new little friend and he can’t quite say my name, it always comes out Dragon or Wagon…its kind of hilarious! 

* I have another friend venturing off to Eastern Europe in Spring including a stop off in Krakow.  I’ve been compiling a list of must see’s and must eats it only reassures me that Krakow was an amazing place to live.  If only he would take me and then I could just be his tour guide.  

*I think my favorite feature on the iPhone is the screen shot, I use it daily. 

*Have I told you I’ve been asked to be the cheerleading co sponsor? Spirit fingers! 

*Sometimes I have a panic attack about not getting a real teaching gig next year…I hope this is just a silly worry… 

*Did you know some said I had poison in my veins? Ridiculous right…oh and they really meant it.  

*I mostly pretend that all the stars will align and I”ll land that real teaching job…and then I think about future trips…beach house in Brazil…yeah I’ll take that.  


Holiday in Spain…Counting Crows


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