Weekend Rundown

First off the weather here in Texas is AMAZING! Of course it also hints at the hot hot summer we’ll be having, live it up while you can. I’ve developed this whole ‘working for the weekend’ mentality, I try to pack as much fun as I can into it. This weekend was an especially full one and I think I paid for it this morning. Thank-goodness my mom was wise enough to come check on me or else I would have slept right through 1st period.

*Jamba (got to love those coupons)*
*The Rundown (no comment)*
*In the Heights (love a good show)*
*North Park Mall (too rich for my blood)*
*Snow Patrol tickets purchased*
*Grimaldi’s Pizza (I love that place!!!!)*
*YSA Minute to Win It Activity (I know shocking)*
*Whirlyball INJURY…hit in the eye with the ball*
*Bro and Ho talk (I LOVE my friends)*
*Hangout with the Brown boys*
*Trip to the farm*

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