All on a Saturday Night

The evening started at 4pm with BBQ prep. 12:15

5pm rolled around and the burgers finally made it to the grill.

6:20 we were all out the door.

7:25 we rolled into Kennedale Speedway.

7:40 tickets bought and seats found.

We then proceeded to watch 4+ hrs of dirt track racing.

30+ preppy white kids kickin’ it at the speedway.

We waited patiently the whole night for the Demolition Derby to start, it didn’t until 11:45…the patients were wearing thin.

12:15 and the gang was out.

1am almost home.

1:20am home.

Debriefed with Jill til 2 am.

All on a Saturday night.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(I know, I know 9+hrs of fun and all I’ve are 4 pics…just got with it)





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