Weekend Roundup

yeah yeah so the weeks halfway over but here’s what I did last weekend.


Dinner at Babe’s….they’ve got the BEST biscuits I’ve ever tasted. And maybe I ordered chicken tenders and felt a little like a child but they were good!

Then we moved onto Top Golf…turns out I’m no good at golf but that’s ok because we really just there to socialize….turns out I’m good at the socializing.

The night ended at Velvet Taco…the tacos looked amazing but I was still full from all those biscuits so I decided on some cake….there’s always room for cake.


Woke up early and made my way to the soccer fields.  I watched 3 soccer games folks, that’s some serious dedication and some nice tanning time.  Then I went back home and geared up for an exciting night.

Dinner at Pepe’s and Mitos and the Dallas Symphony….the fun just kept going.


Turns out my ward is the place to be for the summer…it was busting with people and when I say people I mean 22 year olds.  I almost went Middle School teacher on them when they were all just standing there blocking the hall…The words “Walk and Talk” almost slipped out.

Hit up Break the Fast again tooooo many people.  Thankfully we found a quiet corner and did our thing.


One thought on “Weekend Roundup

  1. Sandy says:

    Love Pepe’s! it’s just down the block from work so we go there often

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