Weekend Roundup


Hung out with some really cool guys and when I say guys I mean boys…none were over the age of 8.  We watched Matilda despite their reservations but in the end I think they really liked it…tuning one child at a time into Matilda fans…its my lot in life.


I had an afternoon birthday party to attend.  I haven’t been too an afternoon birthday party in ages esp not one for an adult.  The birthday boy attempted to eat 16 tacos in celebration…he made it to 15… it was a solid effort…

Then I went home and watched several episodes of West Wing…nothing new.

Saturday night I went and relived my glory nanny days with some of my favorite little boys.


Nearly had a panic attack at church…there are just too many ppl and I feel like they are all stacked up on one another… claustrophobic.

I did my thing taught the RS lesson…lots of blank stares…so that must of meant they were really getting it?

My friend just back from Eastern Europe and we had a little debriefing…oh man I NEED to travel.  He brought me back treats from Poland…love it!


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