So here’s the thing…

* The school year is almost over…how lucky am I that I got to spend this whole year at Hillwood…seriously! Remember my last day of student teaching?  I never could have guessed how great my whole student teaching gig would have turned out.    I’ve loved my year here…fingers crossed I get to spend next year here too.  

* My biggest hope right now is that I get a teaching position at Hillwood next year…that the hope…that’s the “perfect plan”….ah but things don’t always have a tendency of turning out perfectly so believe me when I say I’ve been applying to jobs like crazy! I starting to feel bad for my poor references who are filling evaluation after evaluation out on me. (But seriously they are awesome people and are happy to do it) 

* At this point in the game its all about making myself as marketable as I can so once again I am studying for a test.  I just wrapped up the Special Ed test a couple of weeks ago and honestly thought that would be my last one for a while…wrong.  Now I’m on to 4-8 generalist…which means I could teach any subject in that grade range….so long as its not math or 8th grade science…because I would never wish my teaching of those subjects on students.  I was planning on taking the test in a month but after looking over my calendar I moved it up to 2 weeks…might as well get it over with!   


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