The Last Week

The last week has been a bit of a world wind, its been go go go since the last day of school last Friday.  It all started out with my 4-8 Generalist test last Saturday (this would certify me to teach any subject in grades 4-8).  This was my 3rd content test in about a year, I am so over test.  Anyways it took me a solid 4 hrs by the end my head was throbbing from looking at the computer screen.  My mind was pretty much spent so I rewarded myself with a Bedford Snowball…it was a good reward.

I spent my Sunday at Cheer Camp…yes you heard me right, Cheer Camp.  The plan is for me to help out with the squad next year (you know if everything works out and I get the job I’ve been harassing my principal about) so I went for the day to check it all out.  The squad is great and maybe I’m obsessed with the bows and poms.

Monday morning was the start of something epic…8th Washington DC Trip…I had to wake up at some crazy hr 3 am if I remember correctly.  By the time I got to the airport at 4am there was already a decent size group of students there.  The first flight had 4 adults and 45 students.  By the time we all arrived in DC we had 75 adults and students.  To say it was an epic week would be an under statement.  The kids were great, we managed to not lose anyone and the weather was great….oh yeah and I totally got to geek it out with other people who love history as much as I do.  It wasn’t hard to miss Hillwood running all over town due to our 5 matching shirts we wore everyday.  I’d give you  a play by play but it would just take to long…we were up by 7 and not back again til almost 11 every night…we pack soooo much into our week.


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