Make Sure You Read to the End

….yeah yeah I know…I never post anything anymore…I am sure the 3 of you reading this thought I had died…no not dead just not posting…this is not to say that there isn’t loads for me to post about and maybe sometime before the summer is over I’ll tell you all the fun and wonderful things I’ve been doing….

until then you’ve only got this little bit…

day camp is going and its really not that bad…there are some days when my biggest concern is remember to flip over at the pool (my tan is legit that’s for sure) and then there are others (like today) where I spend far too long yelling and wondering how I’ll ever make it as a teacher…but the count down is on and I’ve only got 4 weeks left…

In other news…rather exciting news…it looks as if I will in fact be teaching this fall…it became a little more real today…very exciting…of course then I had this shear strike of panic come over me…I fear that in these short summer months I’ve forgotten everything about teaching…I’m now having to think of how I want my classroom to run and look and its all a bit frightening… one things for sure my classroom will have the most legit yarn pom pom garland you’ve ever seen.  




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