I just had to check my passport to make sure I wasn’t due to renew anytime soon…don’t worry I’ve got til 2015.

Here in the near future passport travel will be back on my agenda. Now I may or may not be in constant change with where I’m going but worry you not I am always planning a trip.

Looking ahead Christmas is expected to be the first big trip after the entirely too long hiatus. This week the word is Spain…spots are still open so just jump on in. I’ve been giving entirely too much thought on next summers travels. I did think it would be funny to do a trip inspired by -ia- meaning Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Albania and Macedonia…I’m not sure I’ll ever get past the lure of Europe. I’m afraid that in order to visit another part of the world it is going to take someone else planning it.

Anyways all this to say I passport is fine for the next 3 yrs.


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