* Grouplove, Passion Pit, Brandon Flowers….they have all been rocking out on my Spotify…loving it all. 

* Tan…Tan…Tan…that has kind of been a motto for the summer…I’m starting to feel like a lizard, I get to the pool find one of those little short chairs that allow you to have a portion of your body in the water and then i just sit there soaking it all in…one of my biggest challenges of the summer has been maintaining a relativity equal tan on the back of my legs…no joke, real challenge.  

* Not going to lie the thought of teaching English and Creative Writing is really starting to freak me out…History is just telling a story, I can do that…I have no idea what I’m suppose to do with the other two.  

* Work yesterday was a dream…a real dream…minus Shark Boy and Lava Girl, quite possibly the worst movie I’ve ever watched.  

* Don’t you love those moments when your wish becomes a reality?  Yeah me too….love love love it…ahhhhhhhh love it.   

* Grouplove, Pa…


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