* Surreal…that’s the best world to describe my life at this moment.  I mean remember last year at this time I was just about to start my student teaching and now I’m about to start my first year teaching….at the same school.  

* Today I set up my retirement plan and I really made me feel like an adult…it also made me wonder how in the world people afford home and children.  I seriously have no idea…after all the retirement and savings talk I feel so poor despite my nice new income.  But I’m still holding true to my retirement plan…move to a 3rd world country and live like a queen….we’ll see what I think in 40 years… 

* I have deemed this season to be the season of concerts…Passion Pit…Grouplove…Cold War Kids…oh live music how I love you so.  

* I love little surprises like a call instead of a text…remember when there was only calling and no texting…because really isn’t it just so much better to talk than text? I want more of that, more calls and less texts.  More calls on a Friday night when you’re working on training and they just want to check to see how you’re doing…more calls.  

*Bunheads…you can never go wrong with ABC Family…or ballet…


* Surreal…tha…


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