So Many Great Things Happening Right Now…

* teaching is ROCKING my world…12 hr days and all! I’m nearing the end of my 2 week and all I can say is it feels great so great that when I do it over again I’ll change EVERYTHING but still it really has been great.  I just learn so much everyday.  I only have 2 English classes which kind of makes it tricky because by the time I’ve got onto what works and what doesn’t I done with English and its back onto Creative Writing.  Oh wow Creative Writing the class that most of my students never wanted to take and were just stuck in but we are having fun at least I think we are.  I am, I love watching these kids create stuff but the crazy mix of students in my class does make for a little challenge.  But I wake up each morning happy and excited for what is to come which is more than I can say for any of the other jobs I’ve ever had.

* I don’t know if it is just me or if other people feel like life is like a revolving door, people come in as others go out.  I joke that I have no friends as friends have moved on and away but that’s just not true at all.  Sure my friends are different than who they have been in the past just so many great new people have walked into my life.  People, that have seriously opened my eyes to the world and have made me realize how great the human spirit can be.

* Daily Show coverage of the Conventions…is there anything better? Seriously STOP watching “news” and get informed.

* Today was Birthday Cake day at school…I feel like the Birthday Festivities have begun.

* Christmas Break = 2 weeks traipsing around England and ringing the New Year in along the Seine….can’t freaking wait!!!!!

* Talking on the phone…walking the neighborhood…and spotting a shooting star….whatever it is, I’ll take it.


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