My Brain is Mush

* 14 hr day…3.5 hrs spent talking to parents…I honestly think my mind started to turn to mush. But hey, hey, we get a jean day tomorrow so I’m happy about that.

* I loved English class today and that made me really happy!

* some student told me I was the loudest teacher he had…I took it as a compliment.

* over the next month I’m going to more concerts than I’ve been in the last couple of years combined…so excited.

* I’m a big fan of talking verses texting…unless of course it’s during the middle of the day and you can’t talk because then I really like texting too.

* all I know is that come Saturday all I want to be doing is setting at Grimaldi’s eating yummy pizza and Mediterranean salad.

And now I’m going to pass out, only to wake up at some crazy early hour…nothing like a little guilt to get you out of bed before 5am.


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