Moving on to Week 4…

I have this thought, that as the school year goes not things will get “easier” or at least that I’ll better understand just what I am suppose to be teaching my English students.  This is probably just a wishful thought, this last 3 weeks will probably be the easiest I’ll ever have but I can still be hopeful right.  Sometimes, like as I’m lecturing on plot development I have this very surreal “I’m teaching English…how the hell did that happen” thought…and when I say sometimes what I really mean to say is everyday during 3rd and 4th period.  Speaking of plot development, today I actually thought of my life in term of plot development…exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution…I know, so English teacher of me.  I was thinking there has been a lot of “rising action” and very little climax, maybe there should be more of that.

I have this friend, her name is Jessica, and she is pretty much the  The worst thing about her is that she moved far, far away from me to Saudi Arabia, yeah you heard me right the SA.  Anyways, she’s great, all expect for her one theory concerning singles males of a certain age and them possibly being gay.  She has now got me on pins and needles all the time over the sexuality of so many guys.  Sometimes its logical and others not so much.  Most times it’s really of no difference to me but then every once in a while it because all too important…are you or aren’t you? I’m pretty sure NO but still, pens and needles.

I’m watching Hunger Games for the second time as I type.  I am honestly so torn on whether or not I like it, just the premise of kids killing kids seriously makes me sick to my stomach.  But here’s the thing, I’m a middle school English teacher, it is so much easier to relate literary terms to books like Hunger Games or Harry Potter than other less popular books.  So instead of me actually reading the books so I can talk about them in class, I am just watching the movie.

Tonight, I was talking with two friends one of which is my new best friend.  We more or less just gave each other the title and then actually became friends and now she is very protective of the status, no one else can have it.  I suppose I like an equal playing field or whatever you would like to call it so as to not hurt the other friends feelings I deemed that he could be a best friend too but that we would have to make a particular best friend category specific just to him.  It was actually a bit of fun brainstorming categories…dare I say I might make one up for every friend I have?



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