Is Sparkle Appropriate?

I turn 30 this week…and look I said that without having a total breakdown…who knew turning 30 was going to be so much more different than all the other ages?

Anyways, it is happening whether I like it or not so I might as well embrace it and have a snowcone which is exactly what I am going to do.  I had grand illusions on how I wanted to celebrate my 30th and if I remembered what they were I’d tell you but honestly I can’t but I am sure they were really good.  All I really remember is that I bought a sparkle top with the thought in mind that I’d be wearing as i celebrated my birthday.  For some reason I have drawn blank after blank as I tried to come up with birthday party ideas (if you remember back to last year I had a whole weekend of festivities).

So tonight, I finally decided on the plan…Bedford Snowball….after all it is probably my favorite thing right now and its goodness far exceeds its cost.  All the favs will gather and we’ll toast my birth with Strawberry Shortcake snowcones or whatever their heart desires.

Question…is sparkle appropriate?


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