Nothing of Real Substance

…those conversations you can’t believe you are having…God Bless the Education of our children because it appears to be a losing battle.

….those engagement pictures…really? (but truth be told that in my younger years I might have found them cute…thank goodness for wisdom with age)

…when that new credit card comes in the mail but the flight you wanted has disappeared…it better be back Tuesday.

…when you answer your phone half asleep and try to pretend you’re awake…I’m still not entirely sure what was talked about.

…to best friends, to those people have been around when it has really matter and for longer than most.  For a person that likes a certain amount of change in her life it is sometimes shocking to me to think that these friends have been around for years and years.

…here’s to Christmas Break…just the thought of it keeps me going.  I can’t believe that I left England 5 years ago! I would have thought that I would have been dozens of times by now but that just hasn’t been the case.  Sometimes its hard for to contain my excitement…seriously! I can’t wait to be reunited with the proper crumpets, Galaxy hot chocolate and FRIENDS! Oh and PARIS….don’t even get me started on Paris!

…blue…i guess its my new thing…I bought 3 new pieces of blue clothing this weekend (and yes I did specifically think I could wear each on vacation)

…Passion Pit…I don’t think I have loved a band so much in the last little while like I LOVE them.  And their concert…probably the best I’ve been too (save Coldplay).

…this probably won’t come as a surprise but I’ve watched 3 Holocaust films this weekend….I really freaking hate Hitler and the Nazis….which again shouldn’t come as a surprise but the more I learn the more I just hate them more.

…there was this one time when I was hanging out in Nice and my mom called me in the middle of the night (poor thing must have forgotten about time zones) maybe it was because I was half asleep but I had this great realization, and well this week I had another one of those great realizations.  But don’t you just wish you knew where everyone stood before you made any declarations or reveals…yeah that would be nice….but until then I’ll take it.


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