My Week….

* There may or may not be a rumor going around the 8-1 hallway that I’m Buddhist.  I have no idea how it actually started but I decided to roll with it.

* It happened…this week my mom tried to set me up with someone, a someone who happens to be 40.  Now it probably sounds completely closed minded but 40 is a no go for me, really too old and I respectfully declined.  She was completely annoyed with me but really when is she not?

* So they day before Halloween I told my students that if they didn’t want their Almond Joys or Baby Ruth’s I’d take them….best thing ever, you wouldn’t believe how many I got.  I have no idea how after telling them only one time they all listened, past experience would have suggested I wouldn’t have gotten anything…oh the selective hearing of a middle schooler.  And yeah, I have the best job ever!

* I went an saw 1776 the Musical….musical + history = pure love.  I’m just going to pretend the play was based on actual events and personalities….the Founding Fathers just got a whole lot cooler.

* This week I have a big evaluation happening sometime between Monday and Thursday….I can’t wait til Friday!



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