Cheese Balls and Hamburger Helper

On Friday, I watched Les Miserables….

On Saturday, I watched Django Unchained…

Turns out I might not be as cultured as I had hoped because I liked Django over Led Mis…and I mean really what does that mean? But in my defense I found the actors in Les Mis completely distracting.  I mean Russell’s terrible voice, Anne Hathaway who faked a silly British accent in her last movie, that girl from Mamma Mia who every time she sang made me think of that movie….distracting.  Not to mention it seemed super dramatic, like middle school you don’t love me so I am going to but myself in harms way and risk death kind of way.  

But all this to say that Django won out.  In some weird twisted way I really loved it or maybe just love the company…really hard to tell.    


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