Things That Make Me Smile

On Friday, my English class read a play.  Some of the actors thought it best that they recite their lines with a British accent and it was kind of hilarious and sounded nothing like a British accent.

On Saturday, I hung out at Cheer Banquet….it was awesome.

Spring Break plans are in the work which means reunion time with some of my favorite ladies and their mini people.

We are well underway into the second semester…it will be summer in no time…or at least I hope it will.

I’m going to DC again with the 8th graders and as an added bonus we are day trippin’ it to Philadelphia.

While I haven’t found a spin instructor quite as great as Dan the Spin Man, I have gotten back into it and its feeling great…well not really great while I’m in the class just more great when I’m done.

I may have gotten a manicure on Friday and then a pedicure on Saturday…both of those things really made me smile.

Sometimes I really feel like I know what I’m doing when it comes to this whole teaching thing maybe its just a feeling but it still makes me very happy.

Last weeks episode of New Girl…I can’t stop watching it.


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