As of Late…

I hate those people who make excuses for not writing on their blog…as to think that their reading public as been waiting with anticipation for their next post (please)…so this is no formal apology for my lack of writing just simply a note to say that I have guilt for not writing.  If you didn’t know I teach Creative Writing and one thing i encourage/force them to do is write everyday.  I wish that I could encourage/force myself to do the same but blogging just always falls to the side.  I honestly think about it all the time.  I want to those the words and my feelings out for all the world to read but at the end of the day there just isn’t time.   So regardless of the fact that I have a stack of papers to grade and an early morning wake up call I am going to blog as if I had all the time in the world.  

* I have finally started to feel not so overwhelmed with this whole teaching thing.  For a while I was very stressed out with English thought for sure my kids were learning anything.  While I still have a long way to go, I am pretty sure they are learning and we all just might make it through.  

* That all being said there is a good chance that next year I’ll have a whole new set of curriculum to get use to but I’m not complaining at all.

* My college roomies and I are having a reunion over Spring Break and I couldn’t be more excited! The last time we were all together was almost 3 years ago…it is going to be epic! 

*  Probably the greatest perk of being a teacher is summer vacation. Most of my downtime/all the time is spent pondering what exactly I’ll be doing this summer. I think I’ll bum around NYC/DC/Boston for a little and then try to escape to a beach somewhere.  Of course today I spent far too many hours watching movies set in Europe and now again I have this huge urge to peace out and hang out there.  Really, today I’m willing to hop on a plane just about anywhere and with anyone and go on adventure.   



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