I Really Really Really Love My Job

It’s true, I really really really love my job.  Not only do I really love teaching I just really really really love the people I work with.  I was thinking the other day that there are so many aspects of my life that just has not gone as plan and sometimes that fact is kind of hard to deal with.  But then at the same time I think of teaching and especially teaching at Hillwood, that was something I never planned and just how absolutely wonderful that is, I never could have dreamed up a better situation.  I am not even sure what I did to deserve the amazing Hillwood family that I have.

I am so lucky to go to school each day and get to be around them.  I joke that the best days are Hillwood are the ones when the kids are there and of course that isn’t entirely true but I sure do love hanging out with my teacher friends.  I am not sure what I would do if I had to handle all the situations that I do and not have them to turn to.  Hopefully one day I can be that support to someone like so many of them have been to me.

Last week at our pep rally I was awarded Teacher of the Month and just kind of stood there in shock.  How could I, Ms. First Year Teacher deserve something like that when I feel like all I’m trying to do is keep my head above water?  And then I felt this huge weight put upon me like I really need to up my game to be worthy of something like that…I’m trying.

Have I told you how I have the coolest principal EVER? Love that lady! Anyways she has concocted some kind of mystery game that we are all playing.  From what I understand each day we are given different tasks to complete and today’s was do something nice for a coworker.  This week has been crazy with cheer tryouts, grading projects and the end of the grading period so I kind of felt overwhelmed trying to think of something to do.  Of course the people I work with are saints and were totally on top of it just look what I was the lucky recipient of….Route 44 Diet Coke, a thoughtful card, bag of M&M’s, blowpop, a huge bouquet  of school supplies (much needed) and one nice co-worker helped me cart up the 30 books I checked out from the library and secretly made me my oatmeal and had it delivered (I wouldn’t have had breakfast otherwise).  I can’t even imagine what my day would have been like had it not been for all these kind acts.  Seriously it was one crazy day and another late night.

So here’s to an unpredictable life that’s even better than I could have imagined it.


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