– when your fan is making an irregular sound it throw off your whole sleep…

– when your friend tells you he’s getting married and the only exciting news you can respond with is well nothing….

– when you thought it the term “period” was understood as “time period” but instead the response was 4th…as in 4th period…teaching fail….

–  when you’re so tired but you mind won’t think

– when you give a middle schooler a book written for an elementary schooler and they don’t give it…it was one of those days….

– when you eat oatmeal for breakfast and lunch because you’re too busy/tired to go to the store….yeah that happened today.

– when it’s been the longest week in the world and all you want is to sleep but then you remember you still have to work Friday night and Saturday morning…

– when again you’re life has been so busy that you’ve missed 2 weeks of New Girl/The Mindy Project…


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