I assigned my Creative Writing class spelling words…nothing hard…just words that are commonly misspelled or misused…its all in the means to add rigor to my classroom…anyways there was a moment during 2nd period when I feared they might stage a revolt or mutiny…of course as they looked at the words its as if it all started to make sense to them and they could see the value in it all….revolt disarmed.  

A Revolt


Nothing of Real Substance

…those conversations you can’t believe you are having…God Bless the Education of our children because it appears to be a losing battle.

….those engagement pictures…really? (but truth be told that in my younger years I might have found them cute…thank goodness for wisdom with age)

…when that new credit card comes in the mail but the flight you wanted has disappeared…it better be back Tuesday.

…when you answer your phone half asleep and try to pretend you’re awake…I’m still not entirely sure what was talked about.

…to best friends, to those people have been around when it has really matter and for longer than most.  For a person that likes a certain amount of change in her life it is sometimes shocking to me to think that these friends have been around for years and years.

…here’s to Christmas Break…just the thought of it keeps me going.  I can’t believe that I left England 5 years ago! I would have thought that I would have been dozens of times by now but that just hasn’t been the case.  Sometimes its hard for to contain my excitement…seriously! I can’t wait to be reunited with the proper crumpets, Galaxy hot chocolate and FRIENDS! Oh and PARIS….don’t even get me started on Paris!

…blue…i guess its my new thing…I bought 3 new pieces of blue clothing this weekend (and yes I did specifically think I could wear each on vacation)

…Passion Pit…I don’t think I have loved a band so much in the last little while like I LOVE them.  And their concert…probably the best I’ve been too (save Coldplay).

…this probably won’t come as a surprise but I’ve watched 3 Holocaust films this weekend….I really freaking hate Hitler and the Nazis….which again shouldn’t come as a surprise but the more I learn the more I just hate them more.

…there was this one time when I was hanging out in Nice and my mom called me in the middle of the night (poor thing must have forgotten about time zones) maybe it was because I was half asleep but I had this great realization, and well this week I had another one of those great realizations.  But don’t you just wish you knew where everyone stood before you made any declarations or reveals…yeah that would be nice….but until then I’ll take it.

Let the Search Begin…

Apartment in Paris…
Sleeps 4…
Preferably with 2 actual beds…
Over NYE…
Not costing a small fortune….

Oh I love the search…

Euro Trip Christmas Break is going to be EPIC!


2 Things

Truth be told…I spent far, far, far too many hours watching Gossip Girl this weekend.  Of course in the end it totally paid off because starts the new season of the show.  Now you may think I’m totally trashy for loving the show but I love, I really do.  I love Blair Waldorf, and I love Chuck Bass and I love love love all the pretty clothes.

I know its only October but my mind has already been thinking the summer…all I’ve got to say is if the last 6 weeks is any indication as to how fast this school year is going to go then before I know it summer will be here.  To work or not to work…that has been the question.  While one of the biggest perks to being a teacher is being able to wish away the summer it also means being able to make some extra cash. So many it will be back to day camp with a 2 jaunt to Spain or the somewhere else.  At the moment working over the summer sounds like the responsible thing to do and after the school year it will be walk in the park.


This week has been terribly rotten and to make matters worse its still not over. And the events that have made it so crap have still not been resolved. This is week 6 of the school year and I’ve managed to keep it all together and play it cool up until today. Today I wanted to walk away from it all, but I guess that’s how it goes. But tomorrow is a new day and I’m pretty sure it will be better.

If nothing else my night did get exponentially better thanks too:
-Gossip Girl…yep I’m back at it
-Daily Show…I’m not sure what calms me more diet coke or John Stewart.
-extra WW points which I traded in for an ice cream cone.
-and some Parenthood…apparently my go to today was TV.
-friends who listen to my rants when they really don’t have to and try to make it all better.
– and checking the weather Saturday to see the high in the 50s.

Over It

Over it…
Actually no, not over it…
But don’t you wish that by simply saying it that it would make it true?
I just don’t get it, where did it go wrong.
Again, over it.

But you know what I’m not over? Moving to a far off land and teaching there. Yeah, not over that.

I think the theme for the next 24 hours will be WFT…classy I know…I suppose it’s either be dumbfounded or overtaken with depression…whoever would have thought +1 would add so much anxiety. It seems like a scene out of Sex in the City, the one where Carrie turns 35 and her friends forget to show up to the party and the walks through concrete and drops her cake. Hopefully none of things happen but still. Here’s to sleeping away my last hrs as a 20 something…WTF.

Is Sparkle Appropriate?

I turn 30 this week…and look I said that without having a total breakdown…who knew turning 30 was going to be so much more different than all the other ages?

Anyways, it is happening whether I like it or not so I might as well embrace it and have a snowcone which is exactly what I am going to do.  I had grand illusions on how I wanted to celebrate my 30th and if I remembered what they were I’d tell you but honestly I can’t but I am sure they were really good.  All I really remember is that I bought a sparkle top with the thought in mind that I’d be wearing as i celebrated my birthday.  For some reason I have drawn blank after blank as I tried to come up with birthday party ideas (if you remember back to last year I had a whole weekend of festivities).

So tonight, I finally decided on the plan…Bedford Snowball….after all it is probably my favorite thing right now and its goodness far exceeds its cost.  All the favs will gather and we’ll toast my birth with Strawberry Shortcake snowcones or whatever their heart desires.

Question…is sparkle appropriate?

Passion Pit

just a little more happiness…

i tried to share this happiness with my 6th period the other day….they weren’t having any of it…kids.

truth: maybe i had no idea what PASSION PIT looked like when i went to their concert….maybe a band came out and started playing and there at first they were ok although there were no words and then 3 songs in i was completely over them…and maybe i thought it was PASSION PIT and i was so confused how a band i loved so much could be that bad live…turns out it wasn’t them at all…i was very relieved.

another truth: i think that every want to be hipster was in attendance but whatever it was a good concert.


A Little Bit of Happiness.

It’s true, I just feel better when Jon Stewart is on the air.  He was off the air last week but he’s back! Hurry, go watch Monday’s show, I promise you are going to love it.

Oh and by the way, tonight I met and was interviewed by Brain Unger, an ex correspondent of the Daily Show… I just moved one step closer to Jon Stewart.