A Couple Little Letters…

Dear That Awkward Moment,
You know, that moment when you walk into church overhearing your name being read aloud from the pulpit only to realize you’re being released from that calling you’ve held for 2 years and no one ever said anything to you about it….I might have been a little annoyed.  

Dear Summer,
You’re a mere 28 school days away and to say I’m excited to hear you would be an understatement.  Truth be told I have no idea how people work real jobs with no summer, Christmas, Thanksgiving or spring breaks.  I can’t to run around DC with 100 8th grades in toe, hang out with Caroline in NYC and do what ever else pleases me.  

Dear Next School Year,
I am really looking forward to you!

Dear This Entire,
You have been really rough and I’d really like for things to ease up ASAP.  

Dear New Bedroom,
Who ever would have thought my new color scheme would consist of green, black, white, coral and gold? But I’m loving it!

Dear Students,
I know you think we should close up shop and call it quit til summer but that’s just not an option.  And maybe the more I keep telling y’all that the more I’ll believe it!      



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